She’s beautiful

Some guys say “I’m a legs man” others “she gots to pack some junk”

some guys yet want a lot less in the trunk

some girls think it’s all in what parts of them guys see

some think it’s all about that eccentricity

but she’s beautiful, I think to myself, because something much more than these

Don’t get me wrong, I intend not to join in that old sung song

that it’s not the outside that matters but what’s inside will get you along

Most certainly not trying to sound superficial or vain

But I honestly do believe that both require a dedication and a desire to maintain

yet all the same

I fail to see the beauty in either one

I fail to see how your attempts to gain the attention of others have won

more than their lust, less than worth your trust

which they buy by acknowledging your effort

scheming-ly placing their praise, pokes, @mentions

in sickening attempts to successfully contort

your inhibitions and thoughts

for a few hours of intimacy, you’re bought

but She’s beautiful because of something much more than these

it’s her conviction that it’s much more than me

and my words, or my thoughts that supersede

the definition of her beauty

it’s her understanding that she seeks to please

someone more powerful than ‘big and mighty’ me

that she looks only for this guy to be pleased

that’s what i find true beauty means

She’s beautiful not cos I think so

but because she fails not, to see it in the words He wrote

to hear it in the words that He spoke

She’s beautiful because she simply understands

that Jah made her, molded with His hands

that after six days of good, God said man on his own, this is bad

that no one could make a superior brand

She’s beautiful

so beautiful

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