Enslaved to Righteousness

there’s a passion in the actions of one who believes,

who trust, who waits, who has faith, who receives

the Spirit of the most high God rests upon, besides, within

and by His presence and by His strength, all that we can do is win

So what about sin?

and the fact that we are still struggling

there are so many methods, and steps tht need taking 

yet it always ends up failing

and though i’m sinking, drowning, flailing

i just keep hearing all this religion

no one is sayin summin relevant

just from afar, telling me not to rant

Yet Christ never really did this

by law we come to see

that we can never accomplish

this whole being holy

to the end of ourselves we are brought

by the law, each sin gets sought

out and then we’re caught

between a rock and a hard place

yet in mercy God turns His face

and it is for this that God gave Grace

Now He has paid the price, our sins have been punished

Now we’ve been given a prize, our hearts have been furnished

Cos we let Christ in, and in He came

and with His glory, our lives’ are changed

and now we’re new, never the same

we’re no longer bound by our chains

Our righteousness was given, our holiness now our design

please note how u can’t use a cd to draw a straight line

in the same way we are no longer deaf, dumb or blind

we can hear HIM, speak to HIM, we can open up our eyes

we no longer have to bow to Satan’s treacherous tricks and lies

his sickening tries, his disastrous devilish disgusting desires

for our demise


we’re made new, reconciled, reconnected

and allow for His power to be directed

in your life, to bring you into His likeness

His eternal life,  His Joy, His rest,

No longer slaves to sin

but enslaved to righteousness

OH this is bliss

and may Jah be blessed


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