Statement of FACT

I walk up to the Cross

Fully expectant somehow, that I might gain from what was lost

My saviour hung there,  that was the cost

Blanked by His own Dad, must’ve felt cold like frost


I just stand and  gaze

Not even mad at me, He looks down from that tree, a smile’s on His face

He took my place

Stabbed for me like some mistaken identity case

but 3 days after

He rose

now He’s seated

Case closed

My sins’ sentence complete in advance

now I run freely to the Father’s arms

He holds me tight, like a shirt size too small

Knows my every need, provides those, then gives me more

Now I rest in the knowledge and assurance of salvation

see me celebrating like Ghana’s emancipation

Party time, I praise Him, busting moves, I’m praising

Now I know exactly what Grace is, my description, Pretty amazing

I’m made HOLY, receive freely, I’m never lost because His Spirit leads me

not like a tomtom to where i want to go

but to the place where for my own good i need to know

and reuited we’ll be and oh so very soon

caught up in the air, Hot air balloon

not wishful thinkin, day dreamin nope, none of that

all this for me, is quite simply a Statement of FACT

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