Like the ending of a good movie,

not incomplete like it was Nigerian

nor deceitfully happy like writ by Walt Disney

but truthful, inspiring, motivating and a charging

The disciples at the mount

The words of Jesus as in Matthew’s account

The commission of His people,

The empowerment of the feeble,

The beginning of the new.

A final statement of power and identity

“All authority belongs to me”

a charge that changed destinies

“Go tell the world of me;

Baptise and teach, in boldness preach

and fear naught for always, I’m with thee”

and thus it began

eleven then the same plus three thousand

then more daily

then you and me

and now it’s our turn to share

yet many would never dare

but hear, it’s our mission just as much as it was theirs

the difference here

is there are a few, new avenues

by which, the pitch is sold anew

So Paul wrote letters and I’ll send emails

and Peter stood on the rooftops as my status will tell tales

of the same guy Matthew wrote down of in His scribes

you’ll be reading them on twitter timelines

The message is still the same

Salvation attained by the acceptance of His name

I’ll blog it, tweet it, it’s on my facebook and what’s app status

Jesus paid for our sins, His death just to save us

His life provides guidance, similar to what Tomtom does

His Spirit, our comforter, His word, our instruction,

His love, our power, His charge, the Great Commission.

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