Unbalanced dieting

Your mind’s a bridge between two realities

not psychologically pathological; multiple personalities

but really, two existences, superimposed

Physical and spiritual and some of you might know both

others just one and live accordingly

but what happens if i feed on one food group and get none of the others in me

like only eating carbs no vitamins

so energy a plenty but immune system unhealthy

like paying the phone bill but not topping up electricity

the allusion is simple

live and work in one, ignoring the other

and your body might be great but ur Spirit’s a bother

gathering up dust like on a seat cover in a house where no one ever comes over

you’re ignoring that which is more important

you’re Spirit’ll last forever

your body not so much

you’re investing in what is fading

leaving your spirit cos you cannot touch

it some haven’t even been introduced to it

like Neo before Morpheus the enlightened man

others post rebirth yet refuse to grow, like the lost boys in Neverland

When Jesus died he redeemed both body and Spirit

so you’re body is healed and nd you’re reborn in Spirit

Here’s my plea, let it be, when you’re feeding

please feed me

I like the word, Genesis to Revelations

every now and then maybe some meditations

on what you might read would really please me

oh and a side of prayer, Bon appetit

I’m so hungry

beaten down, and left sadly

so skinny, and not the kind Tyra Banks finds sexy

PS this is your spirit speaking

so go back to your true love, let Jesus begin healing

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