The Ties that bind

The lies that tie
The ties that bind
I’m bound to die
Then live or remain forever
Living dead and hungry
Hunger games play fully
Playing poker with eternity
Bluffing to fold
Fold up bed sheets and duvets
Which provide shelter from sun rays
The shade and shadow his stage names
The devil’s play, acting games
his darkness prevents me from seeing
Hide and seek but I ain’t searching
God calls out from where He’s hiding 
Yet remains hidden in plain sight
And my sight remains failing to see
See love that is embodied in He
See Christ who is inviting me
To paradise here on earth and after
To life where He shares my tears and laughter
Where He’s the judge and the joker
The king and the jester
Where He washes me clean by blood and by water
Water that quenches my thirst and never stops filling there after
Thirst now gone forever I am delivered 
FedExpressed from the gates of hell
Hell will never catch me now even though since then I fell
Many times, many times I rose
Rose like the sun only morning knows
Know ye that I am now righteous only by faith
Faith that helps me stand before his face
Facing me I see a smile
He smiling makes me cry a while
For I easily forget how much He loves me
How He’s made me holy
Now Christ is within me
Those ties fall off loosely
And I am free

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