Keep Strolling

Keep strolling 
Though Life might not be a walk in the park,
Know the justification of pain could be art,
and that is anything direct from the heart,
so whatever the situation, bear in mind it’ll impart,
something within,
something that’ll bring, 
glory to the Father, make the angels sing,
like that blind dude, 
the disciples thought was sin,
But if you’ll notice God had a different reaction,
even to the first time man sinned,
way back in the Garden.
The good Lord went searching.
It was we who went hiding,
Much like when Chris’s dad’s approaching,
after Chris took the big chicken,
See God knew,
Yet He asked,
and they flew,
fashion week France.
Well they didn’t,
Because God was,
Top designer and He clothed them,
Then He sacked them to save them,
see God is amazing,
so trust and keep waiting.
some say on a day that it’s raining,
don’t just wait out the storm,
Go out and get dancing,
because God’s still on form.
So Keep Strolling.

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