15 Years

Innocence in ignorance, blissfully missing the point,
If they felt the love today, and were swept away, why should they wait, to be joined.
We so quickly forget, our feelings, once so quickly met, so quickly fade, like snow at spring’s beckon call.
Our feelings, are fleeting, like our great British seasons,
we do as we please in summer then it’s fall,
indeed, we do as we please in summer then we fall.

They found acceptance in each others eyes
and they clung to their treasure chest, like a treasure hunt prize.
Her prize was in his lips, his were on her chest,
yet they both found the one thing they had wanted best,
this was healthy, symbiotic.
But ain’t the devils lies, so nicely presented.

When His hands searched for hers,
he found them,
then his lips introduced sweet words to her ears,
sweet words she wanted to hear.
when her hands searched for his,
she found them,
then she introduced them to what he wanted to feel,
in appreciation for what his lips had made so real.

“Our glory days, what glorious daze,
we’ve drank ourselves into a stupor,
and were lacking in change, the machine’s such a pain,
it refuses to be a good vendor,
of what will prevent us sharing diseases with each other.
But hey, everyone is doing it,
we know because the word is; Everyone is doing it,
we know because we literally heard statements worded ‘Everyone is doing it!’
Everyone knows cos Nobody witnessed it.
And society calls us rebels
so we rebel against our common sense
and who better to mentor and advise us
than Drake, multimillionaire, YOLO, he chastises.”

So they live,
for every song talks of the night,
and every movie, picture perfects it just right
and seldom do you see that that night might not be quite right
and could just go wrong.
there are only happily every afters in our songs,
and the two hour moving pictures never move long enough to show three weeks after,
when the phone calls seem void of all laughter,
when he tells her, he ain’t ready to be called a father,
when she tells him, it’s not her fault the pill didn’t work the morning after.
It’s sad cos suddenly when she’s always sick in the morning,
and he’s always sick of hearing her moaning
they’re done living 
and after life there is only dying

They no longer found acceptance in each others eyes
his precious lips rained down acid, and melted away all the tries,
to satisfy his hands , which would not touch for fear of what lies, 
inside her
they had both found what they wanted the least
this wasn’t healthy, it was chaotic
But ain’t the devils lies, so nicely presented.

But that’s not the end,
for that inside of you too will only live once,
allow for it to grow and allow for it to dance
and allow for that moment when you get to glance 
and see your baby stood right before you
then grow into a man or woman and stand taller than you
and though it can end well, before it begins
consider this dears,
would you want for your child to be older than it’s child 
by just 15 years

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