Let minds flutter like butterflies,
let time pass like bullets fly,
let hands rest, and feet stay,
let words stay still on your tongue.
let your eyes rest upon me, 
let mine feast on your beauty,
my eyes grow fat from your excess,
yet your frame fits fragility with finesse,
let my heart be steady,
there’s no need for my blood to rush,
yet contemplation of you, leaves me giddy,
like I just suffered a blood rush.
Lord, Let your banner over us be love.
envelop us like a bad red rash,
If you’re a disease I’ve contracted you,
but like a good contract’s due,
I’m fully content and readily renew,
simply continue, no upgrade betters you,
so I blissfully remain on the same tariff,
baby, you made my pain perish,
and for that I love you.
God Bless You.

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