A Soldiers’ Prayer


I will like to dedicate this to all soldiers and especially the lead man in a patrol, the one with the task of clearing a safe path for everyone else. This also goes to all EOD and Search soldiers. To those who gave their lives…

A soldiers Prayer


The Vallon is my shepherd, I shall not want
It makes me to lie down in Afghan soil
And leads me away from IED’s.
It assures my colleagues, and guides me in the path of the desert sand.
For His name sake, even though I crawl through the ditches
And patrol the villages of the Taliban, I will fear no dicker
For my body armour and SA80 is with me,
The hoodlum and the brush, they comfort me
The Sigs prepare an ECM bubble before me
In the presence of RCIED’s
I anoint my robot with explosives, my safety is reassured

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