Watched Over

The protector of Israel never dozes or sleeps. (Psalm 121:4 GNT)
Back in my boarding school in Ghana, West Africa, we had a tradition called “Akpakus”, which translates: School never ends. The concept was simple; for the last four or five days of the term you must not sleep.
Anyone you found sleeping was completely at your mercy, you could cover their faces with powder or any facial care product of your choice, remove their sleeping net, providing a buffet for mosquitoes, or my personal favourite, squeeze toothpaste in the palms of their hands and above their eyebrows, and wake them up. (Do not try this at home!) You didn’t need to fear any repercussions because it was “`Akpakus”.

One term, after a gruelling week of exams my dormitory decided we were going to sleep and we’d have sentries posted to keep watch. Long story short, our sentries fell asleep and one of our mates got his eyebrows shaved off.
Now though aesthetically, that might not have been the most desirable outcome for an average looking guy it’s nothing compared to the consequences of say, army sentries falling asleep when posted to watch for enemy activity whilst the soldiers rested in hostile territory.
It’s not much different for us.
In our daily lives not only are we unaware of what goes on when we sleep, we are equally unaware of what the future holds for us, or of what others may be planning for us (and I’m not talking about surprise birthday parties), or of anything that isn’t directly under our control, and honestly, not much ever really is.
However, we have the same sentry Israel had that will never even feel sleepy, let alone fall asleep.
I pray you begin to rest in the knowledge that you are watched over by the most diligent, most capable sentry this world has ever known. That all things are being watched over and that God is keeping you and protecting you against every and all things that might have a not-so-nice, “Akpakus”-like agenda for you.

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