The First and the Last Adam

In the moments before his lips ever lied
before his tongue ever tried, twisting truth
before his teeth tore through, forbidden fruit,
before Adam realised, he’d bitten of much more than he could chew
having ignored God’s advice and taking of the tree of knowledge of Good and evil

Adam set us an example,
and one so supremely significant
even the Son of God would follow suit

When asked to choose,
Between his life and having to loose
Bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh
This was a test
the teacher had not prepared him for
Yet Genesis Chapter 3 makes clear as day
There was no debate
In vrs 6, she gave
to her husband who was with her,
and he also ate
You see Adam knew,
If anything Eve had 2nd hand information so she’s allowed to be confused
But Adam knew it to be true
this fruit would kill, yet he ate it still
Having named all the beasts
and finding no partner for he
Adam saw the good thing he had found
And like the Parable told by Christ
Of the man who saw treasure in the Ground
Adam would throw his very life away
If that was the cost of staying with Bae I’ve noticed marriage is such an important tool for God
I see that with it He displays his most precious thoughts
Like though He made us in his image,He saves his ability to create life
to be displayed when man and his wife consummate their marriage
and He chooses to paint a picture of Christ’s love for his bride
Through a man loving His wife

So I imagine a scene back in the Garden
Much like it must have been back in the garden of Gethsemane
Of a man faced with the weight of a dying bride
I imagine, Like Christ, Adam too must have cried
knowing Eve had taken the fruit
Knowing Eve would soon be ruined

And I think he took that bite, choosing to not let his bride die alone
As Christ took up a Cross and took our sins, and made them His own
And by that the Two Adams of note in the Bible come full circle
by the first sin entered the world
by the Last Grace came unto us
So Adam’s son,
Much like Christmas, Eve’s smile should be a gift you look forward to waking up to
And Eve’s daughter
Where you’re his queen, make sure your man feels like a king too

and where He’s the head
you are the ribs
protecting what things are vital
His lungs that he might breathe
His heart that he might love you

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