Thank You lists

Much like Troy
His fall began with a woman wronged
And Peter took a stand like the hook of a romantic song,
Not many would risk losing their home
To defend a woman’s honour

not many would risk biting the hand that feeds,
because a racist pig’s that hand’s owner.But like any good television drama
Everything that could go wrong does so at the same time

right on schedule
and in what would feel like an instant
this damsel-in-distress-defending, knight in shining armor
Money and luck
Sometimes life hits like a truck
and Plumber Pete
Was knocked right off his feet
into night buses and a life, lived, lonely in the streetsBut like rays of the sun find ways to creep
through the clouds and the storm
Thank God for the angels we meet
who have enough time on their hands

to take a minute and offer it

Those are the faces and names
That never leave our lips and brains
Like the memory of a first good kiss
those are the eyes we miss
Those are they who make your Thank you listThough we all make mistakes,
Most don’t believe in love at first sight
But that is all that it takes
To assume, in the wrong light,
that that hoodie’s a thug, Or that mini’s a thot
They assumed him an alcoholic without second thought
and those mistakes they do cost
far too much
and now where relief should have been
Peter found the very worst days he had ever seen.
But it would seem, he had to go there to get here
to find the names that you would hear
 off his Thank you list
Like Lisa
Who took his name, and set him on his way back to hope
Thank you!And Stan,
So always happy to meet you man, Stan
Thank you!
Pete could list them all
But there’s always one that stands taller than the rest
And that Aidan is you
You restored the blue to his eyes
Like the renegade rays of the sun, do the sky
nigh noon,
You’re proof, that it’s never too soon
to paint a smile on the face
of a man who needs a break
and even in death
dream walker, you still do
You made the Thank you list too
Thank you!
and thank you, dear reader, for reading the post,  and for coming by the blog. I just wanted to tell you a little bit more about this piece.
So I was invited to write by writers and scribes . The piece was to be about 1 of 7 people who had suffered being homeless before but who were now part of a project created by Pathway.
Pathway is a charity that aims to help improve the healthcare available to homeless people and for this project, Stories of Rebirth, the 7 individuals worked with designers to create a piece of clothing that would be sold at auction and whose proceeds would go to help the great work being done at Pathway.
The man I had the privilege of writing about is Peter and you can find his video here.I really got lucky to have the opportunity to write about Peter, it really made me realise how easily life can change for each and every one of us. I encourage you to be much more compassionate towards the homeless if you should come across any, you don’t know their story and what has landed them in the position they are in. If you can do have a look at Pathway and what they’re doing and give what you can to help them out.
Thanks again, and have a great rest of the day!!

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