We are Poems

This is not a drill!

Entirely random thought, but I just realised I’ve never had to use that phrase before in real life!!

Anyway, I’ve got a companion post for The Big X photo gallery I recently posted in the works but whilst that’s on the conveyor belt I wanted to share a video with you from an event  I literally just got back from.

I had the pleasure of ministering at The Grace Convention which was organised by Emmanuel Danso Ministries, it was a great event and Emmanuel really shared some powerful thoughts on the Bible, and religion, and the true meaning of Grace, and I’m sure everyone in attendance was blessed. I know I was!!

The piece is called We are Poems, I wrote it with Nancy Mills, who’s the lady performing the piece with me and a member of a Poetry collective I’m a part of called the Cartographers.
The main idea we try to get across is that everything that we are is designed to give God glory just as Ephesians 2:10 states, we are His masterpieces.

I hope you enjoy it and more importantly that you are blessed.
Do feel free to leave a comment and please share the piece with a friend if you like it, and with an enemy if you don’t

Take care and have a great rest of the day!!

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