What if?

A piece I wrote ever so long ago and only just realised isn’t here on the site.
Hope you enjoy it!

Let’s say we’re wrong,
Us Christians and what we sing in our songs
let’s say the disciples of Jesus
went all out to fool us
and the stories of the bible
were bedtime stories for the people
say it was all some sort of fable
a tale from a land distant and impalpable
Let’s not look at what we’ve experienced in Him
let’s analyze and visualize, see the picture through the eyes
of one not fooled by the lies, of one who doesn’t know him

So after death comes oblivion
or reincarnation, as a fruit, a tree a lion, or maybe a tampon

One may live his/her life as they see fit
there’s no heaven and no pit
no beautifully blinding light
cos the bills weren’t paid and no candle’s been lit
would that validate a 16 year old’s heart already almost out of date
cos he’s been smoking since he discovered he’s gay
at 8 and now it’s almost too late
Or does that make it worth having
that less than 100% protection
sleeping around with her and her and then him
under the excuse of self discovery
but ur being smart and using protection
which will guard, to some extent, ur body from infection

Does that make it cool to trust, with your life, your best friend?
you in your weakness on another weakling depend.
the blind leading the blind through a mine field,
won’t take a spoiler to know how that ends
and at the time you truly need this other
you’re all alone your friend’s phone is out of coverage area
or yours is an iphone and to use it you’ve to hold it but that would mean it can’t get any reception
it’s not your friend’s fault there’s no psychic connection

Does the world really have that much to offer?
the parties, the drugs, the sex is that better.
does it make you feel any warmer, knowing your the hottest female dog on the block
leaving the guys in shock, gathering them on your list like
you were little Bo Peep and they were sheep in your flock,
what do you do if that hotness then got turned cold
say a well placed pimple, an unwanted fold
say you couldn’t help it, you just grew old
and in the aftermath of this recession
you couldn’t afford that Lil nip and tuck
or at your surgery you ran out of luck
or you couldn’t solicit enough bucks
for that botox injection
or during u got unluckily left with one permanent facial expression
just like one of them housewives
in desperation both you and your face, face rejection
cos no one falls victim to your seduction
would you be happy living a life of such depression?
where nothings’ too stable, where nothings’ truly able
to keep that smile on your face, that warmth in your heart
the castles that are your life built on sand that can part
and in a storm, when it comes, they break just like your heart
would that be alright then , if that was the end,
you’d played your part, and then depart

I guess that might be, unfortunately that’s not the case,
there’s ever so much more to this life, to this maze
there’s true joy to be found, a lasting one not a phase,
a love much better than that found at third base,
see it’s far from a misconception or vile deception
when we say accept Him and He’ll make you whole
there’s truth in all this talk of salvation and redemption
were made brand new in Him, Only He can fill that hole

I know there’s more
and in truth that’s what we came here for
that’s the reason why i don’t smoke nor do i drink
till I’m on the brink
of spilling my insides out into a toilet sink
and that’s why I’m abstaining
not worried bout even tasting
till I’m in holy matrimony and have the intention
to be worshiping with the other part of me
as it was intended to be
Better still the only 100% against STI’s
unwanted pregnancies and baby cries
doesn’t lie in adding a condom to your essentials list more like staying the hell away from this
flee it says
after all if the devil can break into you house like a robber
what makes you think he can’t break through that thin film of rubber

Paul also speaks of how our bodies house the HolySpirit
pots of clay with treasures in it
will you choose to defile it

The bible tells me I’ve been wonderfully and fearfully made
now that’s a beauty that will never fade
and one that doesn’t break the bank to maintain
and to think I’m a reflection of God
cos I was made in His image
what’s the use of confidence boosters when I’m in possession of such knowledge

You see the bible doesn’t lie
though guys like DaVinci might try
make it seem like it’s words aren’t true
even anarchaeologist who may happen to be an atheist might confirm for you
words written in the old testament about the new
all came true, exactly as they were suppose to
carbon date the scriptures, they date back too
to show you God’s mamma didn’t raise no fool

 Look even if we are delusional
and it’s luck and chance that get us through
apart from the fact that the closer I get to God as I pray
the luckier I seem to get each day
I’ll say
 the world really has nothing better to offer you
the drugs and the booze they’re just killing you

DO you really believe you come from some monkey
who for the want of PG’s tea
descended from a tree?

Ask me I’ll share my testimony
as will anyone walking right in Christianity
and then you’ll see
why we think fallacy
of the whole big bang theory
not the TV show though, that’s kinda funny
but the one that says all things started from a singularity
of immense density
then suddenly for no reason just exploded apparently
when science itself has come to see our bodies and the earth we stand on
share some chemical similarity
we knew this long ago in genesis1:1-30

 When You experience God You’ll see
When His Spirit falls on you you’ll see
when you hear His call you’ll see
What the big fuss is about Christianity
 Well in closing my point was this
even if the point’s been missed
hear this

All the money in the world can’t buy you joy
all the booze don’t heal the pain
your liver just gets destroyed
all things on earth are just passing through
there’s nothing really worth clinging too
you won’t find yourself in working so hard at your job
there’s nothing special in being an ordinary Joe or a bob
see your brother, your sister, your mom or you dad
your friends, your lovers, your gangs never had
the power to promise you life at it’s best
the only way to attain this, to truly be blessed
Is through the son of God
Jesus who did come to die
whose blood satisfied the wrath of a just God for you and I
who enables us to come to the Father
who become to us closer than a brother
Whose Spirit fills us with wondrous power.
The truth is this life is temporary
it’s but a dressing room for eternity

and depending on how well your dressed you get into one of two parties
club hell or club heavenly
the choice is yours, do choose wisely.

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