Anita Sarah Rose

A wife can turn a house into a home,
A couch into a throne
Your favourite dish into a master piece of her own

She turns each morning into a thank you note
The sunrise to an anecdote
So captivating the very sight
Of her eyes adjusting to the morning light
Hold on to her tight
The bible teaches,
you have found a good thing
Not every lady must become wife
But every wife births brand new life
To the pages of his story
Jewel in his Crown, precious queen now found
Shine to your Father’s glory
But before I learned to love like belly laughter,
Unrestrained, and sincere
I learned to love my father’s daughter
and hold my sisters, keep them near
Sisters, Be your Brothers keeper
teach us tenderness, guide us gentle
my sister the first to teach me to take a man’s primary mantle
and thus I know where her beloved sleeps, should he ever try to hurt her
the consequences of which are of biblical proportions, read about the brothers of Dinah
But before wife and before sister
there was a boy only and mother could love, and she did
A mother loves like the ground loves the tree long before it had chance to exist
Open arms received, planted seed
we take root in the pits of our mother’s belly
She gives and all we do is take
then we twist and break,
and kick and shake
and she is torn through
as we are birthed fruit
of a mother’s toil in labour
Then Chameleon mother
mouthfuls of milk manufacturer
you change colours from incubator to dining table
you are the proof presenting perfectly a picture of God’s power to perform miracles
You’re every child’s first definition of kindness
You’re God’s next definition of selflessness
You are a mother, and every human being has one and joins me in saying thank you
You are a mother, and May God bless you!

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