TBF 124 The Furnace on African child rearing strategies

Almost every person I know of African descent has the stories of getting disciplined in the most creative and largely painful ways, and today we discuss whether the beds truly justify the means when it comes to disciplining and punishing your children.

We naturally progressed on to how God punishes and disciplines us as His children and what those experiences can be like.

Mo was unable to to attend and thus a very tired and full bellied Bobby A and Peter were left holding down the Fort, which just means it was a much better conversation!

For our hookups today, Bobby A suggested a media player that allows you to listen to voicenotes on WhatsApp without sending the sender confirmation that they’re message has been heard. Let’s just say we’re not surprised he knows of something so dodgy.

Download opusplayer here and start deceiving all your contacts with ease


Peter also suggested checking our a podcast created by Nike called Trained. It’s a discussion podcast involving some of the greatest minds in sports and sports research talking about the breakthroughs being made in human performance.
It’s a great listen for anyone whose into any sort of physical exercise or sport.

Check it out here

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