The66 Ep002 The Gap Theory

Genesis 1- 2
The great saga of the christian story starts with a war, one fought in the highest of places between the strongest of opponents besides God Himself.

In today’s episode we look at the first two verses of the bible and explore the idea that there might be a gap between them, we’ll take this opportunity to familiarise ourselves with the Greatest foe the christian has and, spoiler alert, his ultimate demise and destruction.

I Truly hope you enjoyed and took something from the episode.

As I always say, I don’t know it all but I do know enough to know I would like to know more, so please get in touch in comment section or on social media with your thoughts and hopefully I can learn something from you too.

Lastly our motto is and always will be Acts 17:11 let’s be diligent in our study and in so doing be more noble!

Take care and stay blessed

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