When he saw her,
his heart skipped beats
like the tiny quick feet
of school children playing Hopscotch
This girl is too hot,
he thought
It was love at first sight
the kinda love that turns each night
into a fantasy romantic adventure
with the girl of your dreams
He knew he must have her
by any and all means
so he got to work
First he visited her doctors
made a list of each and every disease and sickness
Then he made like a mad scientist
Untill he had cured each one
Then he went to her bankers
found every debt that she ever owed
paid them off with interest,
then made her richer than she’d ever known
or could imagine,
He graced her with the latest fashion
He built love songs like they were mansions
He wanted her to make a home out of his heart
And he would furnish it
with the most incredible art
He did all that he could,
would turn off the sun itself,
if that would
show her, that he knew, that her smile shone brighter,
In her eyes he saw his future
And if she’d let him,
he’d invent time travel right then and there

just so he could take her there.

But once he’d shown her his love,
and made it crystal clear
he walked up to her
with his heart in hand
like a man with a plan
to play hopscotch
untill his very legs couldn’t stand
She told him her secret
She didn’t care,
She had more pressing things on her mind.
See She’d made a deal with a snake
and now her life was at stake
she had no time for hopscotch,
knowing she was going to die.
But, in response, He only smiled
He lived for her,
lived only to show her he was willing to die
she saw a great obstacle,
he saw an opportunity to prove
none of it was a lie
The snake brought her a knife,
It only cared for its debt,
She owed it a life,
It would neither forgive nor forget
She didn’t even say thanks,
She took that knife
And placed it deep in his chest,
Right where his heart should be
Heartbroken he,
sank to the ground
With his last breathe,
He reminded her,
I love you!
She said nothing back, she and her snake intact
Just carried on like nothing had happened
Whenever I’m asked about how an all loving God could allow people to burn in hell for all eternity
I tell them this story of hearts skipping like kids playing hopscoth
and I ask them back,
how could His loving Father and a Just judge, not?
It was our sins that nailed a man that only ever loved us to the cross
and what’s more
having spent this life declaring we don’t want to be with God
it should be no surprise,
at the end of time
That God gives us what we’ve been asking for !

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