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The66 Ep B The Principles of Study

Welcome once more to The Sixty Six.

In today’s video we talk about a little something I call the Principles of Study, these are the guidelines that I use while studying and that will guide out study of the Story of the bible going forward.

Now it is a bit of a longer one so grab some popcorn , sit back and relax, there are some interesting times ahead. Continue reading The66 Ep B The Principles of Study

Well Dressed Walking Dead

First real Visual effort for one of my pieces shot by the incredible Nathaniel Tetteh of RyBen Media (Please check him out on facebook, instagram etc)

Literally planned, preformed and filmed in a single day, saying he’s dope is an understatement!

Anyway hope it speaks to you!

TBF 137 Missionary, Threesomes And The Will Of God

This week the two Furnace member whose hearts aren’t as hard as their names discussed how to tell the difference between being blessed by God and being a beneficiary of someone being blessed by God, what it looks like to walk in the Will of God and the price of being a missionary.

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TBF 135 The Stan Lee Special

You may have heard this week that the legendary Stan lee passed away, at the ripe old age of 95.
Characters he created have influenced people the world over and we talk about how much that influence was on us and how much influence we’re having on others
We hope those are questions you’re asking of yourself too.

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TBF 132 The Time Travelling Trio

For the most part, ask anyone what the one thing they would change in their past is and their answer would be, nothing, everything that’s happened thus far has led to who they are now and their happy with that.
But Bobby A was having none of that today so we really do try to delve into things that we would actually change if we were given the ability to do so.
Bobby also had a couple of episodes of not doing what God had told him to do and seeing God do it through someone else so he also brought that up with hopes we’d help him feel better about it.
Spoiler alert, we don’t.

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TBF 126 It’s not by force to talk!

Welcome to another episode of the Furnace. Today was an especially fun one for two main reasons.
The first was because there was no Robert, that’s self explanatory, but more importantly it was because we were joined today by an amazing artist and one of our very first listeners, The amazing Inktrovert! Continue reading TBF 126 It’s not by force to talk!

The Best Ever: A lesson inspired by Rocky Balboa and Floyd Mayweather

In offering a rebuttal to the popular ideal Money May (Floyd Mayweather) asks, “How about you just don’t get hit?”

Whilst this proved to be an effective approach for the 49 – 0 pound for pound best boxer in a generation; Life tends to have significantly better aim.

Personally, I think Rocky got it right, you will never be smart enough, cautious enough, or just outright lucky enough (I don’t even believe in luck but that’s a¬†discussion for another post ) to totally avoid hardship in life.
So when Life hits and it hits hard, what are you going to do?
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Battle Ready

“My God’s an Arsonist
think slips on fire on your head,
Blow torch lobotomist
A mind renewed by what is read,
He is a Botonist
bare fruit when life has real effect
Zombie apocalypse
His Kid, He raised us from the dead!”

The First and the Last Adam

In the moments before his lips ever lied
before his tongue ever tried, twisting truth
before his teeth tore through, forbidden fruit,
before Adam realised, he’d bitten of much more than he could chew
having ignored God’s advice and taking of the tree of knowledge of Good and evil

Adam set us an example,
and one so supremely significant
even the Son of God would follow suit

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I Is

I’ve started far too many a poem this way,
where I’d say;
Most people think I’m actually more white than red, gold, and green
It surprises many to hear me speak in Twi
yet I’m far too black for the union Jack
And I mean absolutely nothing Racist by that,
but that I stand out in the countryside,
and have granny’s clutch purses, tighter than their gym trips would provide,
Is a fact.
in saying these things
it’s evident my identity can no longer be confined to my skin Keep Reading!