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Come As You are

Silently Stuck solidly, scared stiff, stood still.
Till stones fly rapidly, and I’m killed.
still sulking, softly, still sinning, still caught
They brought me to hear this rabbi’s will what judgement shall pass in this treasury court?
The sun bears witness, I need not hear this,
I was brought here by force, not out of repentance,
The crowd stands ready, the silence deafens me,
Eyes wide shut as I await patiently,
the first rock of penance to come and save me.

"Master" they claimed though they neither knew nor served Him,
"here stands one soaked fully in sin,
here stands one the law commands we should kill,
but we thought we should come here to hear your superior will,
let’s see how you dispute this, how should she pay the bill?"

As I stand scared,
As they await to hear,
His very first words inspire the greatest of fear.
"Indeed, the law says to stone one such as this, hence,
You without sin, do quickly commence."

I tense. Judgement is passed.
Anticipating the first stone, get on with it fast,
Till at last, after the longest, short period of time,
I realise, I’m actually still fine,
Sheepishly , I open my eyes,
for He asked me,

"Where are those who accuse thee?"

I observe and this treasury courtroom is empty
was it so bad he wished to personally stone me,
"No" He replies, read my mind? This guy’s scary,
but I’m confused, what’s my plight, what now, will my end be?

"Go and sin no more." 

Hold on, is that all?
Here I stood, before the one man that accepted me just as I came,
caught in adultery, the law said they should stone me, pain should abound in me, just like my shame
Yet He loved me so much without even knowing my name.
And He loved me so much I didn’t leave that treasury the same.

Sin’s Overcome

Turbulent like a plane in a storm,
torn like a shirt that’s been worn,
out like behind on my rent,
pent house suites rise like pent up anger,
I’m in danger, where’s my manger?
Where’s my saviour?
Where’s my hero?
Zero, like Pepsi,
feels like He left me,
I would were I He,
staying seems crazy,
A sinner just like me,
claims to be Holy,
Holes though can be seen,
Donut cuisine I’m Swiss cheese,
Cheesy excuses,
logic colluded,
death waits politely,
Month’s end Pay, check me,
I deserve this you see,
Devil comes collecting,
Heaven will reject men,
I ask myself; Am I forgiven?
for all of my sin,
after I accepted Him.
after I got accepted in,
I still fell sometimes in sin,
off His path, bad diversion
so I’m lost like Matt Fox,
like I’m easyjet’s misplaced baggage.
but did I just miss the message
Voicemail, let me go check it,
I’m righteous by faith, the word on my phone says,
Bible applications provide a free service,
Abraham sinned, as did Noah and Moses,
Yet all considered faithful and righteous
Condemnation prevents My acceptance,
conviction brings me to repentance,
Once more I feel it,
Inside arises warmth from the Light of His Spirit
Christ is in me I know this
Sin’s been punished in Jesus
I’m made new though I sinned, I am sinless.
for God imputes on me righteousness
loves me and knows me by name
but far too much to leave me the same
so He transforms me into his likeness
i truly have changed though it is a process,
I’ll strive to live a life worthy of the call of His graces,
I’ll overcome,
with sin I’m done
Though I may fall I will rise again,
looking only to the son,
I’ll rise just like the morning sun
By faith I know God calls me friend
And I avail  to His transforming
till the sinning ends.