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TBF 04 Fashion, Physical Attraction and whether or not a modern day Jesus would get shape-ups!

Welcome to the Blacksmith’s Furnace, for obvious reasons we’ll be talking about issues concerning love and romantic relationships throughout the month of February.

Kicking things off in what has been our largest gathering to date, and consequentially our noisiest, we are joined by Sarah Fynn of SarahFynn.com, Nancy Mills @nessence7 on twitter, AJ Taylor of ankarahouse.com & creator of the 1walktogetherblog.com and Diane Ade @diane.ade on instagram, we talk about Fashion, Physical Attraction and the extent to which these are relevant in a Christians ‘Love life’.
We also discuss, amongst a host of other topics, whether a modern day Jesus would get shape ups and live as extravagantly as some of our mega preachers do today.

We hope you enjoy the episode and if you do please let us know in the comments and let your friends know by sharing, and if you don’t, please let us know in the comments and let your friends know by sharing.

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