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There will be times when the sun shine doesn’t light up your day,
there will be nights you can’t see the moon,
There will be days when no matter which way you look,
salvation ain’t coming soon.
There’ll be ATM’s that will laugh at you,
and spit your card out for tasting empty,
there’ll be functions you’ll be invited to,
and in the midst of many, still feel lonely,
There’ll be times you can’t hide the pain,
when only tears remain,
There’ll be times it all seems too much,
There’s no friendly hug or touch,
There’ll be times when you want to give up,
but here’s why not.
See in those days, look at the Son’s rays,
and in the darkness still give Him praise,
and in those nights you can’t see the moon,
trust that it’s hiding because your smile made it swoon,
and when you think that helps coming from no where,
just remember Abraham and Isaac,
keep trusting that your angels are still drawing near,
and all you need will be provided.
And at the ATM, Automated Teller Machine, remind it you’ve ATM, Access To More in a heavenly being,
and that you live not only by these earthly things,
but in accordance to His riches and to His glorying.
and know you don’t have to be a fan of footie,
to never walk alone,
His Spirit’s in you, as you are in Him, seated on the right side of God’s throne.
and in those times you think that you can’t take it any more
Just know that Jesus’ hands, well they still carry sores,
that His prayers are still for you,
that He still  lives and does in you.

Keep Strolling

Keep strolling 
Though Life might not be a walk in the park,
Know the justification of pain could be art,
and that is anything direct from the heart,
so whatever the situation, bear in mind it’ll impart,
something within,
something that’ll bring, 
glory to the Father, make the angels sing,
like that blind dude, 
the disciples thought was sin,
But if you’ll notice God had a different reaction,
even to the first time man sinned,
way back in the Garden.
The good Lord went searching.
It was we who went hiding,
Much like when Chris’s dad’s approaching,
after Chris took the big chicken,
See God knew,
Yet He asked,
and they flew,
fashion week France.
Well they didn’t,
Because God was,
Top designer and He clothed them,
Then He sacked them to save them,
see God is amazing,
so trust and keep waiting.
some say on a day that it’s raining,
don’t just wait out the storm,
Go out and get dancing,
because God’s still on form.
So Keep Strolling.

tech days of CHRISTMAS

For most it’s nearing that LastMinute.com #Stress time as everyone looks to get that order in for Christmas gifts and cards, suddenly we are all aware of the fact that there are certainly far too many cars on the ice covered roads, and for some reason everyone is at the one shop you want to go to, at the one time you want to go there, just so they can get in your way as you browse, and make the queue unbearably longer.

I wish I could say there’s an app that could empty out shopping centers at the click of a button and leave you to walk freely between shops not worrying that someone is going to grab the last one of that gift you wanted so bad, but there isn’t. The technology isn’t there yet, only advice I can give is start shopping early or eat lots of Brussels sprouts and drink lots of whole fat milk and release a properly fuelled fart in a public place and if it’s “aromatic” enough and you don’t mind the stigma, you should finally have some breathing space (Pun very much intended).

However, it’s not all bad news. Technology has advanced significantly enough to afford us some slack at this time of the year and I’ll try and document a few examples of how in this article.

Price Comparison Apps; Google shopper, Google goggles, retail line apps (HMV, Asos, Tesco, etc), Bar-code scanners, Yelp etc


When I went to buy my laptop a few years back, I remember jumping from PC World, to Currys (this was before the merge), to comet, to best buy taking notes and comparing prices of laptops that were on offer.

Unlike most women I had done my homework and compared prices of all the potential purchases online before I had gone out, but there were still some offers that were only available on laptops in those specific branches of the shops and I still had to run around like an excited child to make sure I got the best deal.

In as much as that little adventure was enjoyable for me, in the summer, with great weather and nothing better to do. I can imagine that in the chilling winter, on a budget and with little time to spare,you wouldn’t be as keen, cue Price Comparison Apps.

These normally work by using the camera on your phone or tablet to scan the bar-code of what you want to purchase and searches the web for the best deal. It’s as simple as that. These apps are normally free, and will have the functionality to send you through to the best offer’s website for you to make the purchase right away. You’d be surprised by the savings you can make simply by moving from one shop to the other and now you can let technology do that for you.

Event Locator Apps; You version – live, Find My Friends (apple), Social Networking Apps, Google Maps – Places, Yelp


There will be lots of things going on at Christmas, from free shows, to concerts, to fun fairs, you name it. Sometimes it gets hard to stay on top of what’s happening and that’s where Event Locator Apps come in. These use your location, to find out what’s going on around you and gives you details of those events.

You version Live is a great example of this. It’s part of the You Version Bible app and simply has you type in a post code or town name, searches the internet and boom there’s your day sorted out for you at but the touch of a screen (see what i did there?) (I didn’t really do much so it’s OK if you didn’t)(I AM funny, you just don’t get it!)
Anyway, say you find yourself at one of these events. It would be cool to find out if any of your friends are there right? Well, that’s where your Social Networking Apps come in, most of you would have Facebook or twitter already but one thing that most of us miss is that we can set it to display our location and if your friends do the same you can easily know if they are there with you or not.

Apple have a specialized app for this called Find My Friends(Not stalkerish at all) which allows you to see the location of your friends on a map (with their permission of course).

Event/Location Validation Apps; Yelp, Flixster, IMDb


So you’ve heard about a great restaurant or you’re looking for a good movie house for a treat. If it’s a completely new place you want it would be very hard to randomly select a good one, that’s close to you and within your budget from a quick Google search. Even if you did find one, the advertisement from the company would never paint a bad picture about the place, so you aren’t guaranteed it will be great, and even if it did paint a true picture, that would be a subjective view from one person (or group) that created the advert. What you’d want is the recommendation of a friend or the reviews of a few different people to give you a good idea of what you should expect.
That is Yelp in a nutshell, simply select from a list of categories, cinemas, restaurants, Petrol Stations etc and Yelp will look at your location and show you a list of all the cinemas, restaurants, Petrol Stations around you, with reviews from people who have been there and a five star rating on how great the place is overall based on all the reviews.

Flixster and IMDb are quite similar in their function albeit they more cinema/movie focused.

And there you have it, hopefully this will help you find the best price for that gift, prevent you from missing that concert you didn’t know about and help you get to the best restaurant just outside your house without having to break a sweat.

Have a great Christmas and a blessed new year.