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TBF 132 The Time Travelling Trio

For the most part, ask anyone what the one thing they would change in their past is and their answer would be, nothing, everything that’s happened thus far has led to who they are now and their happy with that.
But Bobby A was having none of that today so we really do try to delve into things that we would actually change if we were given the ability to do so.
Bobby also had a couple of episodes of not doing what God had told him to do and seeing God do it through someone else so he also brought that up with hopes we’d help him feel better about it.
Spoiler alert, we don’t.

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Thank You lists

Much like Troy
His fall began with a woman wronged
And Peter took a stand like the hook of a romantic song,
Not many would risk losing their home
To defend a woman’s honour

not many would risk biting the hand that feeds,
because a racist pig’s that hand’s owner.But like any good television drama
Everything that could go wrong does so at the same time

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True Evangelism

“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”

 Francis of Assis

You can’t tell from today’s smile,
that last night bore witness to tears,
and tomorrow withholds fears,
awaiting just the right moment to scream out “SURPRISE!
The truth can’t always be told from one’s eyes.
You can’t tell from a man’s chest,
that the heart it protects is broken.

Whether quiet or outspoken,

don’t you dare judge a person by just whatever you might see,
don’t assume to know a man,
till you’ve held his hand,
felt the tremble of one too weak to stand,
and if you’ve ever the chance to do this,
then do it like it was your life depending on finding that good 
Samaritan as one day it very well could be!

Bear in mind, YOU are the only Bible most folk will ever read!

So share your story.
let them see Job in you losing your job,
and David’s passion in your preferred way of Praising or in when your own sin tends to make you sob.
Let them see peace in you even when you’ve no understanding of how the situation will be resolved.

Let them say things like; “You’re way too nice!”
‘cos they’ll only be saying that ‘cos they know not to say; “You’re way too Christ like!”
cos they don’t know him but they at least know you,
and hopefully like man saw God when they saw Christ,
they’ll see the way, the truth, and the life,
when they see you.