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Delphine and Eric Get engaged!

Love is beautiful, especially in a lovely restaurant at a surprise engagement party.
Was an honour to be the guy capturing the moment!!

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Close Call #3 : Do me a favor please

I watch disaster approach
like a tidal wave
I’ve no hope, of escape
And when death is as reassuring as Superman’s cape
I simply await
My hooded scythe bearing saviour

When fear’s so close I begin to mistake it for a friend
closer indeed than most have ever been
fear could have been a lover
It’s then no wonder 
I’m so shell shocked stupid
Stuck still shot by Cupid
I can’t move
My feet won’t leave fear’s side
on a double date with Mr and Mrs Hope and Help Lessness
on the day I died
or rather on the day I tried 
to fail at holding myself responsible for me 
I’d sooner jump infront of a bullet addressed to another
but I simply watched as the blade went for my jugular
I waited, slowed my heart beat right down 
like I wanted it to last
like I’d so much to review from my past
that though my life flashed 
at the speed of thought
I thought I ought to have a bit more time
I felt the steel reach it’s destination, cold like a kiss from a lover just getting insde from the winter
Contrasting the hate, in the heat of the hand that had now acquired firm hold of my shoulder
The first time in my life I actually couldn’t be bothered
would be the very last, a red letter day indeed inked in my blood
My very life on the line
after days of feeling like I’d been left out to dry
With no pegs or friends holding me down as the winds of strife blew all manner of life out of me
I’ve finally let go
And as I fall to the ground I know
My Killer’s done me a favour
as I’d been beating myself over not being man enough to do this myself
He’d done it for me
spared me the shame of having to ask
my days were indeed numbered, my last approaches dusk
And as the darkness sweeps softly
carrying me away
Reminiscent of the way 
my dad would every day
each night when I was younger 
From the back seat of his car to the welcoming warmth of my bed 
As time and death made me dead
I smiled
Then someone flicked the switch
and before me sat a ghost , a man and a God
right through me
and He wasn’t smiling 
In His eyes…