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The Empty Hand seeking Ultimate Truth

Bare soles of our feet
like how we bare our souls when we meet
in victory or defeat
we seek
The Ultimate Truth

Through mastery of self
Consequentially through the enhancement of our health
through long stances and short
through muscle, through thought

This is far more than just a sport

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Growth Pt.2

If there is one thing I am smart enough to know,
it is that I ain’t that smart at all!
and thankfully that doesn’t bother me half as much as I think it should
or half as much as I think it would
if I thought I could
know it all
for now, I’m happy to just have a little bit
and share my friends’ little bits
then we’ve got more than a small bit collectively
security is found in wisdom’s company
and growth in her warm embrace
but growth, more often than most times, comes with a Siamese twin
whose name is pain
thus the fact that nothing on earth comes free
is more than an old woman’s saying
if there’s only one thing to know
it’s that the cost of growth
is worth it


From the smallest seed,
the greatest tree,
yet burial and planting are often similes
so death precedes,
awesome beauty.

Shall I have to die?
is that characterized,
By the tears that congregate in the pews of my eyes,
each time I get hurt it’s Sunday,
or the fears that haunt my nights like a hardworking Ghost
robbing me of rest, as though it clocks the hours I couldn’t sleep for payday.

I seek to grow,
through the feeding of proteins to my muscles,
through the daily grind of a boring hustle,
through the scales of dragons and the feathers of chickens that I rustle,
I seek to grow,
Through the acquisition of knowledge,
through the understanding of each message,
as the evidence of time’s passage,
I seek to grow.

But to what end?
what consequence shall my growth avail,
shall I be a better friend,
Shall I be able to sail,
through life, and through it’s storms,
through success and through  failure
smooth seas, after all, never made a good sailor
but in seeking growth, and then in growing,
maybe one day I shall be,
growing into,what the universe conspired as, my destiny,

which brings me to He,
for in my nature and through His nurturing,
I believe there is an underlying design
of a man, and I’m growing up,hopeful, that I someday fit that outline.

God has a precise depiction of what a perfect man is
and it’s  transformation from my imperfection, to that definition that I’m desiring,
beyond the fear of missing heaven,
is a need to be like Jesus,
that is the true measure of what metamorphic growth is!

I simply want to be transformed
to be reborn
to be renewed
to be made new
in His image and likeness
to Have God say, I Like this,
To have Him smile when He notices
what I have grown up to be.

So here’s my plea:
life may sometimes give me lemons,
and I may not have the culinary skill to make lemonade,
and experience is a cruel teacher ,that gives a test first and the lesson in the following days,
but out of all of this let this one statement be true in my eulogy:
That I grew into a good man and that they saw Christ in me.

True Evangelism

“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”

 Francis of Assis

You can’t tell from today’s smile,
that last night bore witness to tears,
and tomorrow withholds fears,
awaiting just the right moment to scream out “SURPRISE!
The truth can’t always be told from one’s eyes.
You can’t tell from a man’s chest,
that the heart it protects is broken.

Whether quiet or outspoken,

don’t you dare judge a person by just whatever you might see,
don’t assume to know a man,
till you’ve held his hand,
felt the tremble of one too weak to stand,
and if you’ve ever the chance to do this,
then do it like it was your life depending on finding that good 
Samaritan as one day it very well could be!

Bear in mind, YOU are the only Bible most folk will ever read!

So share your story.
let them see Job in you losing your job,
and David’s passion in your preferred way of Praising or in when your own sin tends to make you sob.
Let them see peace in you even when you’ve no understanding of how the situation will be resolved.

Let them say things like; “You’re way too nice!”
‘cos they’ll only be saying that ‘cos they know not to say; “You’re way too Christ like!”
cos they don’t know him but they at least know you,
and hopefully like man saw God when they saw Christ,
they’ll see the way, the truth, and the life,
when they see you.