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It stays the same; It stays new.

The air is suddenly too hard to grasp.
I gasp.
Thin like a silk or satin scarf,
out of breath just because I heard you laugh.
Then you walk in, 
suddenly, the room is spinning,
and though I’m sitting,
I’m falling,
in love, all over again.
This smile on my face is a mask,
painted on so close to my skin,
under it, my brow is creased like a freshly used paper napkin,
the same I required to wipe the perspiration,
from the exhaustion of the mental activity going on behind my forehead,
caught up in sheer amazement, at how so much beauty could be concentrated in such small space, as your face.
I’m plotting an escape,
A retreat to the bathroom that I may gather myself once more,
stand tall, check my shirt, view my watch, 
knowing this time, on my return, you will watch, 
and as you do I’ll inspire the same in you as you did me,
tit for tat, exchange ain’t robbery,
love is beautiful ain’t it.
Because even after my hair’s all fallen out,
and most of my teeth have followed suit,
and even after it takes multiple attempts for you to get out of your seat, 
you, are still the most beautiful girl I ever did meet, and I’m still your special gentleman.
Even while were old and gray,
love is renewed, brand new each day,
Because love came not from you nor from me,
but through you and through me, 
from God.
In He, in Love, shall we forever be, in Love.

what does your bible say about me?

Shall I stand against 300, naught but a spear in my hand?
Shall I run against Goliath, whilst still barely a man?
Shall I rise against Pharaoh, my brother 2nd in command?
Shall I part the sea with my mantle,
give two times mine to my disciple?
This is simply what I ask you,
What does your bible say about me?

Shall I work 7 years and then marry your sister?
Then 7 more to marry you?
Shall I wait till your first husband dies?
Then you show up a widow, your mom-in-law too?
Shall I come pursuing you against the will of my father,
Having fallen for you,
  only to fall by you,
   all my secrets revealed to you, cos I’d just wanted to please ya.
Shall I follow,
or shall I lead?
Pray tell, what does your bible say about me?

Does it say that I should wait,
in the presence of the most high?
Does it say that I go searching,
and that He’ll bring you
and I
will exclaim beauty, with amazement
then proclaim my disappointment
  if you should make a bad arrangement
   and I follow suit.

As far as I know,
There is only one I should follow.

He loves His bride and wrote a story,
“follow my lead” He says to me,
   and that’s exactly what I’ll do.
then maybe, eventually,
you’ll find that what your bible says about me…
Is exactly what I’ll be.