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How to pass (cheat) an eye exam.

It’s been a while since my last eye exam so I don’t know if this is still how they test it, but as I walked into the opticians office to have my eyes tested, I walked right next to the chart with all the randomly sized letters and almost instinctively took a good look at the smallest ones.
As I then proceeded with the test and went through the letters I could see at that distance, I realised I could very much see almost all of them.
To this very day I still don’t know if that was simply because I have exceptionally good eyesight or because I had seen the letters before the test.
2Ti 3:16a All Scripture is God-breathed.
Somehow, knowing what something is supposed to look, feel, taste, sound or smell like helps you “sense” it a little easier.
Try it, look around you and find something you can’t read because it is just that little bit too far away. Now, have someone tell you what it says and look again.
Can you now see it maybe just that little bit better? Can you actually see some of the words now?
You’ll find more often than not, (and I just tried this with a friend), you can now make out and actually see more words than you did before.
I find this same principle can be applied to God’s voice.
You might not know what His voice sounds like, or feels like just yet, or you might be wanting to gain a little more clarity on what you have come to know is God’s voice.
 I submit to you that reading and pondering His words (The Bible) will help you in this.
God will never contradict His Holy Bible, and luckily, no matter which version of it(The Holy Bible) you use, if you’re searching for Him (The One True God Jehovah), then it is His Spirit that will teach you His word and bring it to remembrance (John 14:26).
In saying all this the point I’m trying to make is this; Life can sometimes be like an Eye exam and to pass it you need to be able to discern what God is saying. It’s on the chart right in front of you but under various circumstances it can be hard to tell what it should read.
Let us endeavor to read and ponder God’s word a lot more, in order to pass (cheat) this exam (life) a little easier.


All that glitters is not gold,
Instagram filters don’t mean a picture’s old, vintage.
Facebook statuses, likes and comments are but edited versions of our own thought vomit,
and tweets by anything but birds, 
are merely recycled words, used to convey what lie or truth, 
a hundred and forty characters can hold.
Please note,
All that glitters is not gold.

Taking the words of Jay Z, Eminem, Rick Ross as the Truth,
men feeding on it like it was their Curriculum at school,
See gift wrapped excrement has nice appearance too,
but just because to rap is his gift doesn’t mean he’s got something good for you.
You see all that glitters is not gold.

Gold plated knives kill,
so though enthralled by its shimmering shine,
it’s similar measure of time,
for its wound to kill you.
Distracted you were, when the bankers stabbed you,
distracted because the gold bars seemed to shine through,
you failed to see that the cost was your life,
good night.
You accomplished fifty’s goal of getting rich AND you died trying.
As you’re leaving, be reminded, all that glitters is not gold.

Sugar coated, honey filled, chocolate tasting poison,
will aggravate diabetes, risk of heart disease,
but at least if you die, you would with your taste buds smiling.
Ladies involuntarily smiling,
at each sweet word that he’s breathing,
ignoring the fact that they fall as venom from a snakes fangs dripping,
Till they sleeping, and he’s leaving,
and they crying, heart broken,
only to repeat the same with the next snake in nice clothing.
Ladies, please, all that glitters is not gold.

And this fact, brethren, we know,
yet when the preacher’s preaching and his brow is all covered with sweat,
and after each word he punctuates his sentences with "Amen!"
and he’s running around all over the place like a "spirit filled" headless chicken,
and his very words seemed to be in themselves religion,
we just sit and with eyes closed take it all in,
without weighing or testing or personal reading,
hands raised receiving,
without realizing, 
that all that glitters is not gold.

Please let not my words merely impress,
and don’t be put off by my lack of literary finesse,
Just do listen to what I say,
take away, and weigh it out for yourself,
and if I’ve said anything of worth , place it in your repository,
like a good book on a library shelf,
cos in as much as all that glitters is not gold,
Gold might not always glitter.