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The First and the Last Adam

In the moments before his lips ever lied
before his tongue ever tried, twisting truth
before his teeth tore through, forbidden fruit,
before Adam realised, he’d bitten of much more than he could chew
having ignored God’s advice and taking of the tree of knowledge of Good and evil

Adam set us an example,
and one so supremely significant
even the Son of God would follow suit

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The Greatest Love Story Ever told

Each step a little harder to take,

"Could this be a mistake?"

The incline of the ground working against each and every  muscle

the fibres contracting, pulsing

like the very terrain was screaming, shouting

"Don’t do it! He’s your son!!!"

The hilt of the knife in his hand

a reminder of what He’d come to understand

as what inevitably lied ahead

and yet…


The promise was not mine but yours,

I’d already suffered a loss, having tried to help you,

could that then be why you,

have chose for me, this agony

it was you, not I, who gave Him to me.

To them I say " You wait here, shortly we’ll return"

To myself I say, "be like Ruth, refuse me, for though you see two, only I’ll come back with an urn"

but I keep this to myself

for He knows better and thus far has shown His wisdom superior

So though the journey might be long and tiresome,

His burden of sticks was light in comparison,

You asked me a question, didn’t you son.

Well our God is a God of provision.

I’ll give him to you Lord

for you have asked

and it was you who gave him first

so I accept my task

Take him from me  if you so please

But You. Just You. Don’t you ever leave me.



From the first breath that left my nostrils and entered into yours

I knew

The foreboding of what I had to do

It weighed down on me.

I had to save you,

because I truly love you


In agony, I waited till the time was right

The flame was ready, the fruit was ripe.

I came, good news for you but I knew what lied ahead.

In the garden, you got to see the humanity of my head.

and yet, I let you lay me in that lowly shed,

a manger in place of a bed

I knew from the start that for my end I bled

Abraham took these steps

similar to mine and my Dad’s

yet Isaac didn’t know so I guess He never had

to go through each day knowing that the time drew near

I spent each day staring at, but never being scared of fear

He only wanted to see how much you loved and trusted Him

Just so that When He showed how he felt you would not miss it

but guess what? you just did!


The greatest love story ever told

was told in blood

and steel ends of a whip

and nails through palms and feet

through what appeared to be defeat

through wounds that now intercede

for you!

No greater love is there than for one to lay His life down for his brother.

But it hurts more when the one you die for happens to be your killer!