TBF 135 The Stan Lee Special

You may have heard this week that the legendary Stan lee passed away, at the ripe old age of 95.
Characters he created have influenced people the world over and we talk about how much that influence was on us and how much influence we’re having on others
We hope those are questions you’re asking of yourself too.

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TBF 134 poppies and popping off

Whilst Peter was off doing who knows what, Moses and Robert discussed whether Remembrance Day is outdated, whether the world will ever see another Holy War and how to reconcile God being loving in a world filled with so much hurt and pain.

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TBF 133 When it’s time to move on

Over a year after his wife’s passing, former Man united player and current sports pundit, Rio Ferdinand got together with his now wife, then new girlfriend.

Bobby A brings this to the furnace and we ponder when’s too soon to move on from a partner.

This naturally extends into a conversation about the idea of “the one” and whether we believe this concept or if it is indeed biblical Continue reading TBF 133 When it’s time to move on

TBF 132 The Time Travelling Trio

For the most part, ask anyone what the one thing they would change in their past is and their answer would be, nothing, everything that’s happened thus far has led to who they are now and their happy with that.
But Bobby A was having none of that today so we really do try to delve into things that we would actually change if we were given the ability to do so.
Bobby also had a couple of episodes of not doing what God had told him to do and seeing God do it through someone else so he also brought that up with hopes we’d help him feel better about it.
Spoiler alert, we don’t.

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TBF 123 Creativity and Dating

We’re talking first dates, best dates and whether or not it is wrong to recycle date ideas for new partners.
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TBF 109 Wanted Down Under (Not the TV show) – SoundCloud

Today’s episode is definitely not at all related to the TV show looking to help families decide on relocating to Australia, but, with Bobby A’s pastor leaving with his family to Sydney Australia it just seemed like an appropriate episode title.

And with that I guess I’ve given it away, we had the pleasure of being joined by Bobby A’s pastor Captain Ashish Pawar and had a really nice conversation about his time spent as a pastor here in London and looking at the emotional, spiritual and mental challenges of making such a big change for himself and his family.
Mo was busy playing pastor at his own church so unfortunately he wasn’t here. Continue reading TBF 109 Wanted Down Under (Not the TV show) – SoundCloud