TBF 143 Surviving the culture

Surviving R.Kelly is quite possibly one of the most significant documentaries to hit the masses in recent times.

The topic of abuse, and predatory culture, and the attitudes that make such behaviour thrive has never been more relevant than it is now, and the awkward, difficult and uncomfortable conversations that need to be had are at least beginning to become more commonplace in our places of work and leisure.

In today’s conversation we of course also have a look at what the state of society is, how it got this way and maybe how we can steer it right. and just as i mentioned before , it wasn’t an easy conversation to have

Luckily we were graced with the presence of Jems who brought a much needed feminine opinion to the table, unluckily we didn’t have Bobby A but he most certainly was with us in spirit!

Despite the Gloom and doom of the conversation we stayed true to bringing you guys a couple of hookups

Peter suggested checking out the Daily Audio Bible Chronological, it’s a podcast created by the same guys who made the Daily Audion bible podcast he recommended last year.
Check it out here

Jemz hooked us up with A christian meditation app that provides guided meditation with biblical stories.
It’s definitely one I’ll be checking out myself
Have a go here

Lastly Mo suggested a journaling bible from Crossways, they’ve got a bunch of different bibles for you to check out but the one Mo suggested is a single gospel, Mark, and it’s laid out such that one page is the word the next is just lined for your journaling .
Check out their bibles here

We hope you enjoy the episode and if you do please let us know in the comments and let your friends know by sharing, and if you don’t, please let us know in the comments and let your friends know by sharing.
We’re big believers in the “win-win”

Take care and stay blessed.

Special thanks to RUDE (@itsrudeboy) for the intro and outro music.

And to Calvin A Turner founder of Torra Media (facebook , @torramedia) and digital designer extraordinaire for TheOrdinaryAmazing.com logo design.

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