The66 Ep 01 Before the Beginning

If God plays by His own rules, then when He suggests, to the disciples, that they; “count the cost” of discipleship in Luke 14:28. He would count the cost of creation before doing so.

With that in mind we begin our Chronological study of the story of the Bible in earnest not with Genesis 1:1 but instead with an exploration of the board meeting where the God head come together to “Count the Cost” of creating the universe and ultimately mankind.

And in defining the cost we discover the value that God places on mankind and I think it’s truly a beautiful and inspiring thing to see.

I Truly hope you enjoyed and took something from the episode. As I always say, I don’t know it all but I do know enough to know I would like to know more, so please get in touch in comment section or on social media with your thoughts and hopefully I can learn something from you too.

Lastly our motto is and always will be Acts 17:11 let’s be diligent in our study and in so doing be more noble!

Take care and stay blessed

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