One of the most painful deceptions of the Eyes (flesh)

I’ve got trust issues. Seriously deep seeded trust issues.
It’s funny cos it’s not the kind that means I’ll be checking up on my partner like the crazy chick in Tyler Perry’s Why did I get married too.
Nor is it the kind that would mean i’d be leaving hidden cameras about my house to check on those I live with, Nor is it the kind that Jeremy Kyle would love to work with.
I’ve got trust issues with my flesh.
suddenly that sounded much more silly than I thought it would be but yh, I got trust issues with my flesh.
See I’ve learnt that I simple can’t trust any of my five senses, Sometimes I might want to eat, but I’m not hungry, I might feel cold but it’s reasonably warm (Hard to believe in London, I know), I might think I’ve seen something but there’s nothing there.
As far as I’m concerned my flesh is a habitual Liar in desperate need of some rehab and I need to get it there.
Here’s the thing that worries the most and this might be the bit for you.

Sometimes I feel far from the Father.

You know like you’ve just drifted away, sometimes it’s cos I may have recognised some sin, sometimes I simply haven’t done anything wrong, but I just feel far from the Father.
Sometimes this will mean that I can’t pray as much, or minister as powerfully as I should. Sometimes it affects relationships, If Dad’s mad at me I don’t want to speak to anyone too.


See this is why it’s alright to have trust issues, if it’s with my flesh. Because in the Bible it says specifically that God will never forsake me nor will He have left

So even when I feel so far, I reach out all the same because Just like I’d see a MIRAGE and there’d be no water there, My flesh is lying to me because My Father is still right here in my heart, and beside me, and all around and listening to me.

Even when I might feel lonely, I know it’s the flesh trying to Lie to me, and I reach out into the darkness of my solitude and Guess what, EVERY SINGLE TIME God reminds me that He’s right there, always Has been, and always Will, it’s in the name; Jehovah!!!!

So I got trust issues. but not the kind I wanna get rid of. Infact it’s the kind that saves my life.

Hope this’ll bless you.


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