The66 Ep B The Principles of Study

Welcome once more to The Sixty Six.

In today’s video we talk about a little something I call the Principles of Study, these are the guidelines that I use while studying and that will guide out study of the Story of the bible going forward.

Now it is a bit of a longer one so grab some popcorn , sit back and relax, there are some interesting times ahead.

I Truly hope you enjoyed and took something from the episode.

As I always say, I don’t know it all but I do know enough to know I would like to know more, so please get in touch in comment section or on social media with your thoughts and hopefully I can learn something from you too.

Lastly our motto is and always will be Acts 17:11 let’s be diligent in our study and in so doing be more noble!

Take care and stay blessed

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